Our company was set up in 1980 when the company’s founder Ulisse Persiani began processing materials in his own garage and making hand-crafted pillows and mattresses out of them.

The most used materials were wool and cotton which used to be processed by hand to preserve their wholesomeness and characteristics and were combined with natural cotton and linen fabrics.

Now as then, our family-run company continues to select organic materials in tune with nature to ensure healthy sleep regenerating body and soul.

All our products are free from genetically modified organisms, chemical pesticides and artificial fertilizers for the protection of humans, animals, land and aquifers.

Protecting natural resources is a guarantee of a future for our children and for us all.
In the age of globalization selecting local or Italian products gives artisans an opportunity to maintain their traditional crafts.

If you are the type who surfs through all websites and wanders around from store to store in search for the best solution for your night’s sleep,
pay a visit to our manufacturing lab, smell and feel our products and you will see that the simplest and most natural things are the solution to your needs.

Are you aware that smelling hay, lavender or wool helps you set your brain to pre-sleep mode?

Are you aware that being in touch with and sleeping on natural products slows down your heartbeat and relaxes your mind?

Why then sleep on an oil barrel shaped as a pillow or mattress?